The Famine Memorial at Chicago Gaelic Park

designed by Fr. Brankin and is proudly displayed near our front entrance
Famine Memorial

On Sunday October 24, 1999, Gaelic Park dedicated a memorial monument to the millions of Irish men, women and children either who died of starvation, or who were forced to emigrate, during the dark days of the Irish Potato Famine of 1845 1850. The memorial monument, which was commissioned and paid for, by Gaelic Park, is located next to the main building in a place of remembrance. It depicts an Irish destitute family being evicted from their home, while it was being burned to the ground, as was common at the time and a coffin ship that was used to transport those fortunate enough to emigrate. You can also see the headstones in the background, denoting the massive number of those who perished of hunger, or hunger related diseases. This memorial monument was designed by Fr. Anthony Brankin who is a pastor at a local parish in the Chicagoland area.

Reflecting on the famine problems in the modern world, the 800 attendees made generous donations to the visiting Concern Worldwide representatives led by Hon. President Fr. Aengus Finnucane and Director Siobhan Walsh who traveled from Concerns New York office for this occasion.

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